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3D Designer

Job Descriptions:

1. Able to complete the project creativity, design and construction drawings and graphic documents for booth, exhibition hall and exclusive shop.

2. Complete the rendering by using graphics software expertly.

3. Have the ability to cooperate to complete the design deeply in the larger project, and can complete the whole creative design PPT. 

4. Communicated effectively with project managers and customers to explain the design idea.


Job Requirements:

1.Graduated from architecture or art school or related design major. Experience in exhibition or public relations should be more than 2 years. There are good professional quality and understanding of construction materials and process.

2. Proficient in 3DMAX, VR, Photoshop, CAD, CorelDraw, SketchUp and other related design software (outstanding performance in renderings by CAD and VRAY is a plus).

3. Have good artistic accomplishment and communication skills, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, strong self-regulating ability, adapt to work overtime occasionally.

4. Please do not send your resume as you are a graphic designer, thank you for your co-operation.



Project Manager

Job Descriptions:

The project manager is the person in charge of the whole project. Responsible for the overall planning, arrangement and progress of the whole project. Communicating Effectively with customers, coordinating and supervising the work of the design department and production department to ensure the project going smoothly, and responsible for the result of the project.


Job Duties:


1. Collection and sorting out data of customer.

2. Communicating Effectively with customers.

3. Communicating and discussing the design proposal with designers.

4. Making contract and quotation.

5. Bidding and presentation of design proposal.

6. Supervising the progress of the factory and related suppliers.

7. Scheduling and execution of the exhibition construction on site.


Job Requirements:


1. Good at learning and strong sense of responsibility.

2. Experience should be more than 2 years in exhibition projects , with successful cases.

3. Strong communication and negotiation skills.

4. Understanding the process of the whole exhibition project and the construction material technology.

5. Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office software.

6. Good copywriting and event planning is a plus.

7. English and German is a plus.


Administrative Assistant

Job Requirements:


1. Good sense of work service, Proficiency in Microsoft Office software, Retailing Working experience in financial administration is preferred.

2. Outgoing personality, strong affinity, strong sense of responsibility. Good interpersonal skills, written, oral and communication ability.

3. Assisted the departments of company in daily administrative management and responsible for company data statistics.

4. Responsible for customer relationship maintenance, such as customer gift distribution and purchase.

5. Assisted in the procurement, maintenance and management of office assets, office supplies and sundries, and made statistics on the withdrawal of administrative expenses.

6. Drafting and delivering administrative notices, relevant documents and memoranda. Maintain the daily office order and office environment.

7. Handle employee entry and demission procedures; Responsible for the company's social security and accumulation fund affairs; Supervision and implementation of rules and regulations.

8. Check and register the legality of various original documents.


Account Executive

Job Descriptions:

1. Develop and maintain customers independently and complete marketing tasks.

2. Responsible for customer maintenance and expanding new business.

3. Learning the professional knowledge and processes of corporate business to answer customers' professional questions in business and improve  company's image.

4. Supervising the schedule and quality of the project.

5. Feedback the market dynamics by Analyzing relevant market data, and adjusted business processes.

6. Follow up visits proactively, to establish good relationships with customers, and develop potential key clients.


Job Requirements: 

1. College degree majored in marketing or economic management.

2. Experience should be more than 2 years in sale work. Working experience exhibition and advertising Industry is a plus.

3. Strong market sensitivity and development ability, good customer service awareness and market information.

4. Strong sense of responsibility and desire for success.

5. Excellent communication, negotiation and coordination skills, cordial and calm.

6. Making pioneering efforts and good sense of teamwork, professional dedication and self-motivated.

7. Strong execution ability for superior requirements.

8. English or German is a plus.